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The research institutes of the NIBR network are located across the globe to gain access to the world's best scientific talent. This network of institutes maintains a highly collaborative culture that encourages teams and individuals to work across institutional and geographic boundaries.

NIBR Cambridge, US

(NIBR headquarters)
NIBR Cambridge is located in the midst of multiple renowned academic research institutions and innovative biotech companies. The NIBR headquarters is home to research in the areas of oncology, ophthalmology, and cardiovascular and metabolic related diseases.

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NIBR Basel, Switzerland

Co-located with our corporate world headquarters, NIBR Basel is an integral part of the BioValley, Europe's biotechnology hub. Drug discovery here focuses on autoimmunity, transplantation, and inflammation, as well as musculoskeletal diseases, neuroscience, and oncology.

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NIBR East Hanover, US

Located on the same campus as our US Pharmaceuticals Division headquarters, NIBR East Hanover focuses on research in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. It is also home to the Novartis Knowledge Center (NKC) and information analysis, preclinical safety, and metabolism and pharmacokinetics groups.

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NIBR Emeryville, US

Located in the San Francisco Bay area, the NIBR Emeryville campus focuses on early discovery and research activities as a hub for infectious disease research, with additional expertise in structural and biophysical chemistry, computer-aided drug design and protein engineering across many disease areas.

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NIBR Shanghai, China

Novartis has an integrated biomedical Research & Development center in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in the midst of an emerging cluster of innovative academic, biotech and pharmaceutical research institutions. Research focuses on infectious causes of cancer primarily found in Asia and includes efforts in discovery chemistry and biomarker research.

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Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI)

Basel, Switzerland
Founded in 1970, the Friedrich Miescher Institute is devoted to fundamental biomedical research and focuses on epigenetics, growth control and neurobiology.

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The Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF)

La Jolla, California, US
Located in San Diego’s BioMedical research center, GNF is well-known for developing novel technology to drive cutting-edge drug discovery research, identify new biological pathways and discover mechanisms underlying human disease.

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Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD)

City of Singapore, Singapore
Dedicated to finding new medicines to treat neglected, infectious diseases. As a small-molecule drug discovery research institute, it combines the drug-discovery expertise and cutting-edge technologies of Novartis to fight infectious tropical diseases, including Dengue fever, Human African Trypanomiasis and Malaria.

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Novartis Vaccines Institute for Global Health (NVGH)

Siena, Italy
Developing affordable and effective vaccines specifically designed to combat neglected infectious diseases burdening impoverished populations. The Institute uses its industrial and scientific expertise to bridge the gap between laboratory concepts and high quality vaccines that are both clinically effective and economically viable for manufacture.

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