Our approach

A close connection between research and the clinic

NIBR takes a unique approach to pharmaceutical research. At the earliest stages, research priorities are determined by patient need and disease understanding.

  • At NIBR, physician-scientists are breaking down the boundaries between research and clinical practice.
  • We use Proof-of-Concept clinical trials (small-scale studies used to get an early read on a drug’s safety and effectiveness) to help us to find and advance the most promising drug candidates.
  • We believe we can better answer the demand for safer, more effective medicines by keeping our sights on both the science and the patient.

The key is cross-functional teamwork

Our model of research – connecting the laboratory to the clinic, and pursuing molecular pathways across a landscape of multiple diseases – means that we have to be a highly collaborative organization.

Every project is made up of cross-functional teams, drawn from 

It is a way of working that has become a part of our research culture.