Career development

Creating a culture of continuous development and learning

NIBR is committed to the development of each employee and offers opportunities for learning in all stages of one's professional career


Our culture of collaboration across the globe is highly dependent on our ability to establish internal and external professional networks as well as skills in mentoring and coaching.  We also offer exchanges and rotations across our research sites, through our unique “mini-sabbatical” program.

We provide growth and development experiences for up-and-coming scientists at the graduate and post-doctoral levels, through internships and fellowships, and encourage their pursuit of both academic and industrial careers:

Knowledge Building

  • Access to journals, other expert materials and scientific databases
  • Internal and external seminars

Scientific and Leadership Training

  • Education courses that focus on drug discovery
  • Team training (Creative Teams Office)
  • Leadership training through Novartis Corporate Learning
  • E-Learning courses

Focus on Behavior / Skill Development

  • Assessments and instrumental feedback along with "real-live" feedback
  • Mentoring and coaching opportunities

Development in Role

  • Talent exchange sabbaticals across sites, skills sharing, organization memberships
  • Assignments of new responsibilities or projects
  • Developing world sabbatical

Supporting Job Change

  • Change in role/responsibilities, scale and/or focus change; depth and/or breadth change