Discovery & Pre/Clinical Sciences

NIBR has built expertise around several key technology competencies. Each competency combines automation and robotics, computational science, biology and irreplaceable drug discovery knowledge. By building expertise around key technologies, it can be more effectively applied across diseases that share similar mechanisms.


Analytical Sciences ›
Supportings drug discovery through analytical expertise


Biologics ›
Taking the lead in biotechnology


Biomarker Development ›
Accelerating drug development with biomarkers


Chemistry ›
Designing and creating potential new drugs


DMP ImageDevelopmental & Molecular Pathways ›
Understanding and modulating signal transduction networks involved in disease 


Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics ›
Optimizing the performance of a new drug


Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research ›
Devoted to fundamental biomedical research and focuses on epigenetics, growth control and neurobiology


Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation ›
Developing advanced technologies, ranging from cellular genomics and proteomics to combinatorial chemistry and structural biology


Imaging ›
Adding substance to pharmaceutical discovery


Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics ›
Predicting how drug leads will behave in the body


Preclinical Safety ›
Focusing on drug safety is Priority 1


Proteomic Chemistry ›
Studying the interaction of chemistry and biology


Translational Medicine ›
Translating biology into medicine